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Analysera historiska valutatabeller eller livekurser för Ungersk forint/Ungersk forint och få kostnadsfria kursaviseringar direkt i din e-post. 2021-04-14 · Monthly Average Converter Euro per 1 Hungarian Forint Monthly average averageYear 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 Graph is being loaded Currency converter today for 10 Hungarian forint gives 0.027705 Euro. Today, you can convert 25 Hungarian forint for 0.069262 Euro. If you have 50 Hungarian forint, then in Austria they can be exchanged for 0.14 Euro.

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The page provides the exchange rate of 400000 Hungarian Forint (HUF) to Euro (EUR), sale and conversion rate. Moreover, we added the list of the most popular conversions for visualization and the history table with exchange rate diagram for 400000 Hungarian Forint (HUF) to Euro (EUR) from Tuesday, 23/03/2021 till Tuesday, 16/03/2021. Euro - Hungarian Forint (EUR - HUF) Currency. Euro - Hungarian Forint (EUR - HUF) Currency. The page provides the exchange rate of 6800 Hungarian Forint (HUF) to Euro (EUR), sale and conversion rate. Moreover, we added the list of the most popular conversions for visualization and the history table with exchange rate diagram for 6800 Hungarian Forint (HUF) to Euro (EUR) from Saturday, 10/04/2021 till Saturday, 03/04/2021. 100 Hungarian Forint is equal to 0.30179564 Eurozone Euro.

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Swap Kort: -10.7941 PointsSwap Lång: -33.3772 Points. Sälj360.575. 169.0. Köp 362.265.

Forint to eur

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The currency code for Forint is HUF, and the currency symbol is Ft. The Euro is the currency of European Union. The currency code for Euro is EUR, and the currency symbol is €. Price for 1 Forint was 0.0028 Euro, so 1 Hungarian Forint was worth 0.0028018335540389 in EU Euro. On this graph you can see trend of change 1 HUF to EUR. And average currency exchange rate for the last week was € 0.00273 EUR for Ft1 HUF. 1 HUF in EUR rate history Instant free online tool for HUF to EUR conversion or vice versa. The HUF [Hungarian Forint] to EUR [Euro] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. Also, explore tools to convert HUF or EUR to other currency units or learn more about currency conversions. Your business may need to pay overseas employees and suppliers, by transferring Hungarian Forint to Euro in large amounts.

Forint to eur

április 13. -tól EUR konverziós faktor 6 számjeggyel. Reversed rate: Hungarian Forint (HUF) to Euro (EUR) Convert currency 1790 EUR to HUF. How much is 1790 Euro to Hungarian Forint? — 642552.53 Hungarian Forint. 2021-04-14 · HUF Hungarian Forint Country Hungary Region Europe Sub-Unit 1 Ft = 100 fillér Symbol Ft. The Hungarian forint is divided into 100 fillér, although fillér coins have not been in circulation since 1999. In 2004 Hungary joined the European Union. Hungarian Forint Euro; Thursday 25/03/2021: 1000000 HUF = 2744.16157 EUR: Wednesday 24/03/2021: 1000000 HUF = 2740.82264 EUR: Tuesday 23/03/2021: 1000000 HUF = 2732.0715 EUR: Monday 22/03/2021: 1000000 HUF = 2730.64569 EUR: Sunday 21/03/2021: 1000000 HUF = 2716.56658 EUR: Saturday 20/03/2021: 1000000 HUF = 2709.63512 EUR: Friday 19/03/2021: 1000000 HUF = 2710.08839 EUR Compare the best Hungarian Forint Euro exchange rate deals & Hungarian Forint to Euros exchange today!
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Forint to eur

Back to EUR-Lex homepage Bank of 5 January 2010 on the reproduction of forint and euro banknotes and of forint and euro coins in Hungary (CON/2010/1). 1 HUF, = 0.0028 EUR. Mađarska forinta, ↔, Euro. 1 HUF = 0.0028 EUR, 1 EUR = 361.1000 HUF. ECB Exchange rates: 2021-04-16 14:08:24  Kalkylator för att omvandla Euro (EUR) till och från Ungerska forint (HUF) till aktuell växelkurs.

The Euro   A taxa de câmbio caiu ao seu valor mais baixo..

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HUF. EUR. 1 HUF, 0,00275839 EUR. Year 2020 Hungarian forint/Euro (HUF/EUR) rates history, splited by months, charts for the whole year and every month, exchange rates for any day of the year . EUR/HUF - Trade Forex CFDs with Plus500™. Trade the most popular Forex pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP and more. Currency CFDs Trading with  Convert 15 HUF to EUR (Euro) with the help of online converter – how much it will be according to the latest exchange rate. Online calculation of Ft   Currency conversion rates from Hungarian Forint to Euro today Sat, 24 Apr 2021: convert from HUF to EUR and also convert in a reverse direction. Rates are  Forint hits fresh record low in April. The Hungarian forint (HUF) nosedived against the euro over the past month and hit an all-time low of HUF 365 per EUR on 3  4 Million HUF to EUR. Ft4000000 Hungarian Forint to Euro € conversion online.